Sep 082001

I recently read one of your Anal Advisor columns where a reader had a question about urine enemas. A few years ago, I met this young woman in her late twenties who was totally uninhibited about sex. Before she met me, she wanted to do many things but her former husband wasn’t as adventurous. Before you knew it, there wasn’t anything that we wouldn’t try at least once.

One evening, we were sitting around drinking beer, and after a while, she wanted to know if I would suck her pussy while she peed. Immediately I was aroused and agreed. She sat back on the recliner, spread her legs, and I covered her pussy with my mouth. After a couple minutes, she started to pee. I thought she would never stop, but I vowed not to spill a drop. When she finished, she then wanted me to urinate in her ass. I had an erection, and after a little lubrication, I was in. She was on her hands and knees with her face down, and after part of my erection subsided, I began to pour inside her. She must have received more than she gave me, but she was moaning with pleasure and wanted me to climax insider her rear. After I peed, the erection came back and we both climaxed. We both thought it was the wildest best sex we ever had. There were not any problems afterwards.

—Pleased As Piss

Thank you so much for sharing that erotic treat with me and all your fellow readers. I love it when I hear such successful true-life anal tales! Several words of caution to all of you out there who are thinking of re-creating Pleased As Piss’s scenario. Remember that any substance you introduce into the rectum will be immediately absorbed into the bloodstream, and that includes anything contained in the urine, like medications, illegal drugs, or alcohol. Also: urine is a bodily fluid which can transmit STDs, Hepatitis, and HIV (if there is any blood in the urine), so please be tested, make sure your partner has been tested, and play safe, okay?

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