Feb 172004

I thought you might be able to shed some light on a long time unanswered question. About two years ago, I was a having a sexual relationship with a woman. The sex was mind-blowing and we were very sexually compatible. Probably one of the best compatibility I have had with a partner. One evening while having vaginal sex, I was penetrating her from behind. Just before she was about to have an explosive, gushing orgasm, her ass expanded to about the size of a baseball, or maybe a bit bigger, and then contracted again. I had never experienced this before with another woman, and subsequently never had. She did enjoy anal sex, but I didn’t even touch her ass on that occasion. Any ideas?

–Perplexed About Her Butt

No worries! You may have witnessed one of two things, and since I wasn’t actually there when your girl’s ass amazed you, I’ll explain both possibilities.

First, there’s a chance that her asshole was gaping with delight. Usually, this happens after an intense session of ass pounding when a woman’s ass has gotten open and relaxed. When all is said and done, it can achieve the gape, which you often see in porn. You admit that you didn’t deliver any buttfucking that time, but it is still possible, if rare, that her ass was relaxed enough during her orgasm that she’d get a gape.

Another scenario is one that looks even more dramatic. When a woman begins to orgasm, especially if she’s a gusher (as you described your girlfriend is), she often she bears down. And this bearing down can cause an effect in certain women where the rectal tissue actually pushes briefly outside the body. It looks almost like a rose, with multiple layers. I have actually experienced this phenomenon with one of my lovers, and although it was shocking to see, it’s really okay.

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