May 202004

Is butt cheek fucking, or what is sometimes known as “hot dogging,” a common practice? I know tit fucking is quite common but I’ve never seen much talk of cheek fucking. Why do I never read about it in magazines or even see anything about it on the internet? Is it something that turns women off? Have you ever tried it? If so, did you get anything out of it? Let me know if you have come across it, and what your opinions are.

–Bun Lover

You’ve hit on something here, Bun Lover: there are plenty of erotic images of cocks sliding between breasts, but little or no comparable representations of hot dogging! I suspect that in this age of porn featuring a veritable menu of Olympic-like sexual acts (like double penetration and double anals), butt cheek fucking is probably seen as far too innocent. Certainly we’ve seen dicks slide between ass cheeks, but it’s usually a brief shot before penetration. As for the “turn on” factor you asked about, well, just like with every other desire, fantasy, and fetish, it totally depends on the person. I actually do enjoy it, but I may be more anally-inclined than the average girl. Sometimes, I like butt cheek fucking as a tease; other times, if I am craving anal pleasure but my ass isn’t in the mood for penetration, butt cheek fucking along with some good dirty talk can totally get me off.

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