Oct 142004

I’m just starting to explore my butt with my partner and we’ve gotten hung up on the how and where of lube. Obviously, I know I need plenty of lube for comfort, but how do we use it exactly? Does it go on his cock? If it does, doesn’t it all just rub off at the entrance? What’s the best way to get plenty of lube inside my butt?

–Absolutely Agnes

You’re right — you need plenty of lube for anal penetration. I recommend a thick water-based lube because thicker lubes tend to stay wet longer and give the delicate rectum a little cushioning. First, you should lube up whatever your partner is using to warm you up (his finger, a small dildo or butt plug). He should coat his finger or the toy with a layer of lube. It shouldn’t rub off at the anal opening, since it will cling to his hand or the toy. When your ass is ready for his dick, he should squeeze some lube into his hand and rub it on his cock until it’s well-coated with lube. If you feel that you need more lube, he should come out of you and re-lube.

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