Oct 272004

I was just wondering if having anal sex while on your menstrual cycle is okay. If you do have sex during this time, how does it feel? Does it feel as good as it does any other time? I have been really horny this cycle and I was just wondering for next time.

–Red Alert

It’s absolutely safe for women to have anal sex while they have their periods. Usually, it’s more a matter of preference and comfort rather than safety. For some women, while they are menstruating, they have cramps, bloating, and other symptoms which don’t make them feel very turned on. Others, like you, can feel an increase in their sex drive and want to have more sex. As for how it feels, it really depends on the individual. Some women find that all their erogenous zones (including their asses) are more sensitive just before they bleed or during menstruation, while others don’t notice a significant change.

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