Dec 152004

I started doing anal play about ten years ago. It was somewhat uncomfortable, but I persisted. Well, my persistence paid off. I am now able to take a dildo about 10 inches long and about 7.5 inches in circumference. I thoroughly enjoy it, but I have a question about how deep you can go. I tried inserting it to about 12 inches, and I got it worked in, but after about five minutes, I removed it, and there was blood. It shook me up big time. It stopped immediately, but I didn’t insert anything for week for fear of starting something I couldn’t stop. I felt no pain and it felt good. Is the blood a big deal?

–Size Queen

Since the rectum is quite delicate and covered by mucous membrane, even the gentlest of penetration with the smallest of toys can cause a small tear and a little bit of blood. It’s usually not cause for concern as long as the amount of blood is small and there’s no serious pain or discomfort. However, in your case, you’re using very long, thick toys for penetration that give you more of a chance of causing an abrasion or tear; you must realize that a twelve-inch dildo or one that is nearly eight inches thick is huge and not common. When you penetrate your ass with something longer than about ten inches, you move beyond the rectum into the sigmoid colon, which is made up of fragile tissues. Technically, anything bigger than 10 inches could perforate this, especially if it’s inflexible. Plus, an extremely thick dildo can stress the rectal lining. My advice is that at the first sign of blood, you should stop immediately and give your ass a few days to recover. If these big dildos continue to make you bleed, then I suggest you select smaller ones.

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