Jan 132005

I am a newcomer to analingus, and I’ve only performed it on my girlfriend a few of times. Every time I do, my mouth gets extremely dry. Why is that?

–Ass-eating Cotton Mouth

As an avid ass-eater myself, I’ve never run into the problem you describe. But that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. There is nothing inherent to rimming that leads to a dry mouth, but there are a few possible explanations for your condition. As you lick your lover’s butthole and spread your saliva around, you may be sharing more spit than your mouth is producing, leading to an imbalance. You may also be dehydrated, which is easily rectified by drinking plenty of fluids before you dive back in. If it’s still uncomfortable, then I suggest you rub a small amount of lube (either a flavored one or one with a taste you don’t mind) on her pucker before you kiss it. Your dry mouth is most likely unrelated to your asslicking altogether: many medications can cause dehydrated mouth, as can common substances like tobacco, alcohol, and caffeine. If this parched condition persists, you should see your doctor.

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