Mar 302005

My boyfriend and I recently discovered the pleasure of penis pumping, and I’m thinking of getting a vaginal pump. But lately I have been using my guy’s penis pump on my asshole, and I love the sensation and the feeling. I was wondering if you have ever done this, and if it is a safe practice?

–Pumped Up

Many men and women have discovered the joys of pumping. For readers who may not know about it, a penis pump works like this: your cock goes inside a hard plastic cylinder which either has a built-in pump or an external one. As you pump, air is sucked out of the cylinder, and the vacuum-like suction sends blood rushing to the cock. This helps the cock become erect, enhances an erection by giving it a bigger appearance (temporarily), and creates a sucking sensation which many men love. Women can use the same pumping mechanism with the nipple attachment (a much smaller cylinder), which works great on the clitoris. There are also pussy pumps on the market made especially for women. The same principles apply: blood rushes to the clit, making is more swollen (and often more sensitive) than usual. I’ve pumped my own clit, and find that not only is it hot to see my clit all fat and thick, but clitoral stimulation is a lot more intense after I’ve pumped.

I’ve never used a pump on my butthole. The puckered skin of the asshole is sensitive tissue that’s incredibly rich in nerve endings and gets engorged when you’re aroused much like the rest of our genitals. So, it makes sense that when you apply suction to it, blood rushes to the area and creates a pleasurable sensation. Similar cautions for all pumping apply: use a little lube inside the cylinder for a comfortable, easier fit; be careful not to pinch the delicate skin when inserting it into the cylinder; do not over-pump or leave the cylinder on for too long.

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