Mar 102005

My husband and I routinely do anal play together, and he is tempted to try pouring alcohol into my ass, like wine or vodka. Is it possible to get drunk by ingesting alcohol through one’s ass? Are there any implications from putting alcohol in one’s ass?

–Drunken Asswoman

Not only is it possible to get drunk by having any kind of alcoholic beverage poured into your ass, it’s inevitable. When you drink a glass of wine or vodka, it has the benefit of passing through your stomach and liver, where it’s broken down by enzymes before entering the bloodstream. However, because of the absorptive capacity of the rectum and colon, when you absorb alcohol through your ass, it goes directly into your bloodstream. This means that a much smaller amount will make you very drunk. It’s very dangerous to ingest alcohol the way you describe (essentially via an alcohol enema) and could even result in alcohol poisoning. If you want to drink, do it with your mouth. If you want an enema, use plain warm water.

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