Jan 012013

Fleshbot posted a great review of my latest DVD, The Expert Guide to Female Ejaculation.

You may be aware that many squirt porn movies just fake the whole thing; rest assured that Tristan Taormino engages in none of those shenanigans. The female cast of this film is made up of bona fide squirters–and it’s fascinating to see the many different ways that they squirt (and the different things that make them squirt).

You can read the whole thing here: http://straight.fleshbot.com/5942175/so-you-want-to-squirt-tristan-taorminos-expert-guide-to-female-ejaculation

And if you didn’t get exactly what you wanted for the holidays, check out About.com and Corey Silverberg’s list of Sex Book Gifts and use a giftcard to buy exactly what you need for yourself! He included my collection, Take Me There, on the list, which I appreciate.

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