Jun 152014


Dusk! – the first and only adult TV product where content must meet the approval of a panel of women – set to launch this June in the U.S.

After delivering highly successful content throughout Europe, Holland-based Dusk!  will provide select programming to cable TV systems in the U.S. and U.S. territories beginning this month. Dusk! is set to deliver ‘Porna’ to its customers via Video On Demand, reaching nearly 30 million subscribers by mid- summer.

Dusk!’s unique approach to explicit adult content appeals to a growing market of female adult TV viewers. Dusk! has created an online panel (www.duskpanel.com)  of identity verified women, made up of wives, mothers, career women and professionals, who view an array of films and scenes provided by the panel. Programming is then based on the honest and candid opinions of these women. Dusk! has provided definition to this specific kind of female-friendly adult programming by introducing the term, ‘Porna’, meaning porn for women. Porna instantly separates this programming from conventional male focused adult content.

Says Martijn Broersma, co-founder of Dusk!, “We are thrilled to take our first steps into the U.S.  Since the start of Dusk! in 2009, we’ve received a lot of requests from U.S. women who would like to experience Porna on television. From now on, they can find our top rated films on broadcast cable VOD which surely is wonderful. For women – chosen by women”. Candida Royalle, American adult star and director, recognized worldwide as having pioneered ‘porn for women’, has been a fierce supporter of Dusk! since its beginnings. “I knew it was only a matter of time before Dusk! made its way to the U.S.,” says Royalle. “They work hard to find the movies and scenes women want to watch. And they don’t settle!”

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