Mar 252015

lorraine hewitt

This Friday, March 27th, at 8 pm ET / 5 pm PT, Sex Out Loud is back with season three! I’m thrilled to kick off the next phase with my guest Lorraine Hewitt aka CoCo La Creme: sex educator, advice columnist, performer, and Creative Director of the Feminist Porn Awards. We’ll discuss the history of the event, share stories from the first years, and get a preview of what to expect in Toronto for the 2015 FPAs. Hewitt will talk about the changing landscape of porn, including the effects of having more people of colour, trans folks, queers and lesbians directing films featuring their communities without being fetishized and with respect.

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Lorraine Hewitt (aka CoCo La Crème) is an experienced sex educator who has been enhancing the sex lives of Torontonians for over 10 years. Her wealth of knowledge, warm personality and wicked sense of humour ensure that her classes are always as comfortable as they are informative. Lorraine focusses on teaching essential sensual skills and improving erotic communication and her work has been featured on numerous television shows, major print publications and blogs. She presents several workshops including Giving Great Head, Flirtation 101, Romantic Sex for Couples and Open Relationships for the Open Hearted. Lorraine is a founding member of the Feminist Porn Awards team and she currently serves as Creative Director for the event.

feminist porn awards
At Good For Her, our staff and customers felt limited by the options of mainstream porn, complete with stereotypes and narrow representations of bodies, desires and pleasure. We began noticing in the early 2000s that more women, trans folk and historically marginalized communities were getting behind the camera. It was no longer as financially prohibitive to purchase a camera, editing equipment and distribute films. We decided to create an event to recognize, celebrate and endorse films with a feminist difference and in 2006 the Feminist Porn Awards were born. The FPAs have grown into a 3 night event with more porn shown and more industry folks attending and even more porn being created with performers from different places meeting up to work together. It has become an opportunity for feminists to find and feel good about their porn and a springboard for performers and directors to gain some attention for their awesome work. This year’s awards take place April 15-17 in Toronto.