Jul 172013


In June I gave a speech at the Guelph Sexuality Conference. You can read more about my appearance in this article by The Record.

“I’m here to tell you no one is having normal sex,” New York-based sexuality educator and author Tristan Taormino told scores of people attending her frank but well-received plenary speech.


And in case you missed it, Cosmo Magazine did an interview online with me about feminist porn! I’m so glad mainstream media is started to hear the buzz of feminist porn. The Feminist Porn Book is about to go into it’s second printing!

I have no interest in policing or judging anyone’s desires, fantasies, and porn preferences, and I know that plenty of women have fantasies of dominance and submission. Images of dominance and submission are not anti-feminist in and of themselves, but one of the reasons feminists critique them is because consent is not always explicit and because of the repetition of men dominating women, making it the main type of power exchange we see in a lot of mainstream pornography. I think there is a stereotype that women want kinder, gentler, more romantic porn; some women do, but not all women. Feminist pornographers don’t want to do away with sexual power dynamics; many of us want to explore them in an explicitly consensual and more diverse, nuanced, non-stereotypical way.