Sep 012000

I’ve been told that I am a great writer many times by friends and strangers who have read my short stories. I was wondering, how do I go about getting my works published? I’m not sure where I should begin to showcase my talents.

You should start by finding as many web sites, publications, email lists, and books that list calls for submissions. I don’t know what kinds of stories you write, so I can’t give you specific places to look, but there are writers associations on the Web, magazines like Poets & Writers, and lots of guides and lists with calls for submissions. Research what kinds of publications—sites, magazines, anthologies, etc.have published work like yours, and find out if they take unsolicited submissions. Sometimes you have to write a query letter first; other times, you can send a manuscript right off the bat. Be sure to follow the call for submissions or the writer’s guidelines; as an editor, I get so frustrated when people don’t follow the simplest instructions (like, no email submissions, or enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope). Take the plunge, and send your work out into the world!