Jun 302004

I am a thirty year old woman in a D/s relationship. My Master really enjoyed something that I unknowingly did last night. I was in “doggie style” position, and he was playing with my ass from behind. I was very, very aroused and without knowing or trying, I experienced what I have seen you refer to as “the gape.” It turned him on a great deal. I was able to continue this for quite while, even while alternating contracting and relaxing my sphincter muscles. Then, suddenly, I just couldn’t reproduce the gape again no matter how I tried. If you have any information on how I might cultivate or encourage this skill, I would be most grateful.

–Going for the Gape

It sounds to me like you stumbled upon something that other people work pretty hard to achieve! Usually in order to get the gape, you need to be very turned on (as you said you were) and have an extended anal penetration scene to get your sphincter muscles to relax and open up. For some women, having something sizable in their ass for a while is enough to bring on the gape. From the description of your experience, you have a good awareness of and control over those muscles, which can also help you go for the gape. In addition to trying to contract and relax the sphincters, you may also want to try to bear down slightly, and see what effect that produces. Continuous penetration of some kind may be the key to extending the gape for you, since it sounds like, at some point, the banging stopped, and you were just flexing your muscles. If your Master continues to play with your ass, thus stimulating the area, I bet you’ll be able to extend the gape.

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