Mar 172013



I’ve been talking feminist porn all over! In case you missed any of my recent appearances, you can catch up.

Salon: In “The Feminist Pornographer”, Tracy Clark-Flory interviews me about how the book came into being.

HuffPo Live: Iceland recently passed a ban on violent porn and I discussed this issue in the context of feminist porn on HuffPo Live along with Cindy Gallop and Kelly Bourdet.

Fucking While Feminist podcast: I was thrilled to be back on Jaclyn Friedman‘s podcast along with my co-editors, discussing The Feminist Porn Book.

San Francisco Bay Guardian published a great writeup called “Frankie Says Feminist Pornography”. An excerpt:

The book is a big deal, a first-time conglomeration of viewpoints from across the pro-sex feminist landscape. Its introduction alone was the most comprehensive history of feminist pornography I’ve ever seen (how appropriate that we’re in the middle of Women’s History Month 2013.) The next time anyone has a question about whether porn can really be anti-sexist, I will direct them to The Feminist Porn Book‘s neon glow.