Apr 042013


Author, educator, and feminist pornographer Tristan Taormino visited with Joy Behar to discuss THE FEMINIST PORN BOOK (Feminist Press), a new anthology co-edited by Taormino, Constance Penley, Celine Parreñas Shimizu, and Mireille Miller-Young.

During the two-segment interview, Tristan and Joy engaged in a lively discussion about the growing field of feminist pornography. They also talked about porn in academia, ethical porn making, sex education, the antiporn crusades, and current hot topics including Fifty Shades of Grey and Todd Akin. “I love how sharp and funny Joy is, but I also really appreciate how genuinely curious she was about feminist porn. She took the time to have a real conversation about it, which can be rare on TV these days,” said Taormino.

The program aired on Thursday, April 4, 2013 at 9pm ET on Current TV and you can watch a clip of it here.  THE FEMINIST PORN BOOK: The Politics of Producing Pleasure is available now at feministpress.org, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and your favorite local bookstore.

About Joy Behar: Say Anything!

Emmy® award winning talk show host Joy Behar is back with Joy Behar: Say Anything!, airing Mon-Thurs evenings 9pm ET (8pm CT, 7pm MT, 6pm PT) on Current TV. One of TV’s most irreverent and outspoken personalities, Joy takes on social issues and relevant topics that impact the American zeitgeist.

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Mar 172013



I’ve been talking feminist porn all over! In case you missed any of my recent appearances, you can catch up.

Salon: In “The Feminist Pornographer”, Tracy Clark-Flory interviews me about how the book came into being.

HuffPo Live: Iceland recently passed a ban on violent porn and I discussed this issue in the context of feminist porn on HuffPo Live along with Cindy Gallop and Kelly Bourdet.

Fucking While Feminist podcast: I was thrilled to be back on Jaclyn Friedman‘s podcast along with my co-editors, discussing The Feminist Porn Book.

San Francisco Bay Guardian published a great writeup called “Frankie Says Feminist Pornography”. An excerpt:

The book is a big deal, a first-time conglomeration of viewpoints from across the pro-sex feminist landscape. Its introduction alone was the most comprehensive history of feminist pornography I’ve ever seen (how appropriate that we’re in the middle of Women’s History Month 2013.) The next time anyone has a question about whether porn can really be anti-sexist, I will direct them to The Feminist Porn Book‘s neon glow.

Mar 012013


Tristan Taormino will be on “To The Best of Our Knowledge,” as part of a show called ‘After the Romance‘, which airs this weekend on NPR stations. Tristan talks with host Steve Paulson about her book Opening Up: A Guide to Creating and Sustaining Open Relationships, open relationships, swinging, polyamory, and more. You can hear it during the following times on local NPR stations:

openupcover-finalhighresAtlanta, GA: Monday and Tuesday 11:00 am on 91.7 WUGA-FM

Columbus, OH: Sunday 3:00 pm on 89.7 WOSU-FM

Eugene, OR: Sunday 8:00 am on 1280 KRVM-AM

Los Angeles, CA: Sunday 9:00 pm on 88.3 KCLU-FM

Milwaukee, WI: Sunday 12:00 pm on 90.7 WHAD-FM

San Francisco, CA: Sunday, 8:00 am on 91.7 KALW-FM and
Sunday, 7:00 pm on 88.5 KQED-FM

Seattle, WA: Friday (3/8) 8:00 pm on 94.9 KUOW-FM

Springfield, MA: Sunday, 8:00 am on 640 WNNZ-AM

For other local areas, click here to search by state.

You can also stream or download the mp3 of the entire show featuring Tristan Taormino, Esther Perel, Kate Bolick, Brian Kaufman and Martin Swinger, and more or listen to and download Tristan’s segment here.

Feb 212013

The Ultimate Guide to Kink

In case you missed it, I was quoted in the New York Time on Valentine’s Day in their article “An Arresting Trend in Intimate Wear“, an article on new trends in lingerie because of the 50 Shades phenomenon.

“It’s just a matter of upping the luxury factor and packaging it in a way that really speaks to a different woman who might be intimidated by something more blatant or something with a harder edge, or who might not go into a store like The Leather Man on Christopher Street,” said Tristan Taormino, who has written many books on sexuality and is the editor of “The Ultimate Guide to Kink.”

Nashville Scene also wrote a Valentine’s Day post on Thirteen Alternatives to 50 Shades of Grey, and my erotica collections were one of them!

My work is also mentioned in this Huffington Post UK article, “Vive la Révolution! The Superheroines of Porn Domination.” Thanks to Liesbet of Dusk! TV for tipping me off to it.

Nov 212012

On November 14th, I appeared on the radio show Seven Second Delay which broadcasts on WFMU. You can listen to the show here – it’s free, and they have several different options to stream or download. Check out the photos by John Dalton from the event as well, you’ll feel just like you were in the audience watching!

I was also thrilled to join Jaclyn Friedman for an episode of her new podcast, Fucking While Feminist. We discussed ‘’affaire Petraeus, why cheating violates consent, and what makes porn feminist. And for more of me and Jaclyn talking fucking, feminism, and porn, you should also check out her appearance on Sex Out Loud as well as both of us appearing on Melissa Harris Perry‘s show last summer.

Oct 052012

  • I also did a two-part interview with Cunning Minx for her fabulous podcast, Poly Weekly. The first half of the interview is HERE and then part two is HERE.