Mar 242012

I am so proud of my newest book: The Ultimate Guide to Kink: BDSM, Role Play and the Erotic Edge. I decided on a unique format for a non-fiction educational book: each chapter is written by a different person. And not just any person, but a top kink educator who has taught that subject extensively at conferences and community events. So, you don’t get just my take on the world of kink, but the experience, knowledge, and opinions of some amazing teachers.

Here’s the Table of Contents:

Part 1: Skills and Techniques
1. “S is for…”: The Terms, Principles, and Pleasures of Kink by Tristan Taormino
2. Making an Impact: Spanking, Caning, and Flogging by Lolita Wolf
3. How to Train Your Sex Slave by Laura Antoniou
4. Whole Hand Sex: Vaginal Fisting and BDSM by Sarah Sloane
5. Bondage for Sex by Midori
6. A Little Cock and Ball Play by Hardy Haberman
7. Kinky Twisted Tantra by Barbara Carrellas
8. Piercing Scenes by FifthAngel
9. Brutal Affection: Playing with Rough Sex by Felice Shays
10. Butthole Bliss: The Ins and Outs of Anal Fisting by Patrick Califia

Part 2: Fantasies and Philosophies
11. Stop, Drop, and Role! Erotic Role Playing by Mollena Williams
12. A Romp on the Wild Side: Erotic Human Animal Role Playing by Lee Harrington
13. ForteFemme: The Art and Philosophy of Feminine Dominance by Midori
14. Submissive: A Personal Manifesto by Madison Young
15. Enhancing Masochism: How to Expand Limits and Increase Desire by Patrick Califia
16. Inside the Mind of a Sadist by FifthAngel
17. Age Role Play by Ignacio Rivera, aka Papí Coxxx
18. Digging in the Dirt: The Lure of Taboo Role Play by Mollena Williams
19. The Dark Side by Jack Rinella
20. Mindfuck by Edge

And here is an exclusive excerpt of my introduction:

There are hundreds of gatherings of kinksters throughout North America—whether it’s a local organization’s annual conference, a camping event for pervy people, or a BDSM retreat—and the majority of them have a strong educational component. On any given weekend, you can learn how to: safely set someone on fire, be a good Daddy, plan the perfect gang bang, do bondage without rope, or channel your inner shaman. As a group, people into kink devote a lot of time, resources, and energy to learning.

I first heard the phrase lifelong learners when a friend of mine who works at a public radio station told me that marketers use it to refer to NPR listeners. Lifelong learners are people who are self-motivated to continually seek out new knowledge and skills, through informal and formal education, to constantly develop and improve themselves. The concept really resonates with me, as it aptly describes so many of the people I meet at sex and kink events—we are lifelong learners. That’s what’s so ironic about the conservative backlash against BDSMers. With increased visibility comes increased bigotry, and conservatives continue to rally against kinky events by local groups to get them shut down. What the anti-kink fanatics don’t understand about us is that we’re geeks. Sex nerds. SM intellectuals. We pay money to spend a weekend going to classes.

Of course, we do manage to get our noses out of the books to have fun, too. In the process of having a good time and getting off, we also strive to create alternative utopian worlds, even if only for a weekend. The kink community is built on the radical notion that people can express their erotic needs and desires and have them met. We believe that dreams do come true, and not at Disneyland, but in our bedrooms. Kink events are not just about getting together to have fabulous erotic experiences. We learn skills that we can translate into every part of our life: how to claim our desires, negotiate for what we want and need, set boundaries, communicate limits, acknowledge power dynamics, celebrate sexuality, and accept each other’s differences.

I envisioned this book as a compilation of the work of some of the best educators in North America, and every piece was written specifically for it. You don’t have to attend dozens of regional or national events to hear these experts speak—they are gathered here, in one place, taking on topics about which they are truly passionate. Their expertise in these subjects is tremendous, yet some of them have never had their writing about kink published for a wide audience. As you turn the pages, I want you to feel as if you’re at one of these gatherings, spending time with the teachers as they share their wisdom, experience, thoughts, opinions, and personal anecdotes. Unlike books about BDSM only, the chapters in this book explore different areas of kink with a specific focus on sex. After all, sex is a big part of what motivates and manifests our kink, but, until recently, it was often left out of the equation in our educational offerings.

The book is divided into two sections. In “Skills and Techniques,” pieces feature nuts-and-bolts, how-to tutorials, sprinkled with lots of creative ideas and examples. You’ll learn about topics from bondage and spanking to piercing and rough sex. This section is beautifully illustrated by queer artist Katie Diamond, who created the images expressly for this book. There are a variety of role-playing fantasies as well as personal manifestos in the second section, “Fantasies and Philosophies.” From masochism to age play, these pieces cover some of the edgiest and most taboo and controversial elements of kink in depth. The subjects, which have long been a part of kink, are too rarely discussed outside closed circles or in print. It’s time to shine a light on what is often only perceived as darkness.

I wanted the collection to capture not only the incredible exchange of ideas at kink conferences, but the magic that happens at a gathering of a kinky tribe. I hope you learn a lot from this diverse group of writers and you are inspired to find them, and other educators, at an event near you so you can supplement this education with mentoring, hands-on demonstrations, and interactive learning.

Exploring kink provides us with an opportunity for self-reflection, challenge, and personal growth. Where many people are content to just sit back and let life happen, we’re not: we constantly engage our identities, sexualities, and relationships. Sometimes, it’s about testing ourselves. Rock climbing aficionados, competitive triathletes, or ambitious innovators in the business world: there are those who strive to go farther, faster, deeper. Some of us don’t do it dangling from a mountain; we do it through intense—what some would call extreme—erotic experiences. Kink can be a private (or semipublic) laboratory—a sacred space where we feel safe enough to try new things, push our boundaries, flirt with edges, and conquer fears. Because it combines the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual, it has the potential to heal old wounds and generate spiritual renewal. It can deepen our connections and relationships, bringing a new level of intimacy to them. Kink is a crucible for creativity, vulnerability, perseverance, control, catharsis, and connection. Kink is a unique space where there is room to experiment and see what bubbles up.

Oct 302011

I have a very free relationship with my girlfriend. She will let me fuck her ass about once every two months, and that is enough for me. She will let me eat her ass whenever I want to. I love to do it, and she loves to have it done even more — she starts to drip because she gets so wet. I love it when she shoves a finger or two into my asshole. She would never consider eating my ass, as I have asked her many times, but I am okay with that. Lately, I have enjoyed eating her ass more and more; it is all I think about.

Yesterday, she came over to my apartment and we laid in bed and had dinner. We got naked and she rolled over to turn off the TV. I saw her ass and pushed her over completely and I got my face to her ass, which was clean, but had an odor, not a bad one, but faint. It turned me on so much that I told her to stay like that and I licked her slightly smelly ass for thirty minutes, while she fingered herself. It was such a turn-on. I told her how much it turned me on and how I wanted to do it again and she said, “No, you are really fucked up.” All I know is that I have never been more turned on in my life. What should I do?

–Want My Nose Buried in Her Ass Forever

Some people like the smell of asses (and other body parts or body odors) — they like reveling in the scent, fetishizing it, and/or talking about it — and it seems like you are one of those people. Scent is an incredibly powerful sense and one that can be closely linked with our desires and turn-ons. It sounds like while you were rimming her ass, she was enjoying herself, since it went on for some time and you wrote that she was pleasuring herself.

I assume that once you revealed that her ass smelled a little, it freaked her out, which caused her abrupt response. One of the most common hang-ups people have about their butts is cleanliness and hygiene, so it’s not surprising that she reacted to your comment. My guess is that she felt self-conscious and instead of admitting that, she lashed out at you. Now that you are past the heat of the moment, it’s time to talk about this openly. You need to stress to your girlfriend that, as you said, her ass didn’t smell awful; explain to her why you liked the smell and how much it turned you on. See if she can get past her own issues and “go there” with you, so you can be open about your desire, and you can both enjoy yourselves.

Aug 072005

I have been in an ongoing debate with my girlfriend for a little over a year now concerning what I consider to be an urban legend about the dangers of anal play. My girlfriend and I enjoy anal play and take part in it on a regular basis. However, she is absolutely convinced that anal play over a long period of time (years) will damage the anal sphincter and result in anal leakage, or the inability of one to retain their feces in their rectum. Apparently her gynecologist told her that homosexual men often end up having to wear tampons in their anus to prevent embarrassing accidents because their anal sphincter has become so stretched out from anal play.

I was a paramedic for eight years and am getting ready to go into medical school. I have spent a good deal of time studying the human body, and I have tried to explain to her that this story just does not make sense from a physiological or anatomical standpoint. Rather, I believe that this is an urban legend which was propagated through the usual channels and which can likely be traced back to two separate verifiable issues:

  1. There are men who wear tampons in their anus, however it is done as part of a fetish such as feminization or cross dressing and is in itself part of the sex play and not necessitated by an inability to retain their feces; and
  2. There have been cases, I suspect, where persons damaged their anal sphincter by inserting objects which were too large and/or without proper lubrication and in doing so physically injured the tissue, causing tears and other damage, possibly to the point of affecting retention.

In these cases I think it would be highly unlikely that the injured party would attempt to rectify the situation using a tampon, but would more likely seek medical attention and undergo surgical repair of the injury. Unfortunately, my girlfriend doesn’t buy my theory, and while she has never refused or even hesitated to participated in any kind of sexual play, she does occasionally make a statement to the effect that I will wish that I had listened to her by the time I’m forty. What do you think?

–Urban Legend Myth Buster

Your girlfriend and her gynecologist are wrong, and you are right. Lots of anal play over time increases circulation to the area, exercises and tones the sphincter muscles, and helps you stay more connected to your ass in general. It does not cause you to lose control of your bowels. Certainly there have been cases where people developed certain anal ailments after years of anal play (more commonly, people develop anal fissures). But in my experience, the problems were caused by unsafe anal sex practices, like not using lube, combining drugs with anal play, or shoving huge things in the ass without warm up.

As to the tampon issue, you’re correct on both counts. There are men who play with tampons as part of a fetish, but no one who is incontinent should ever use a tampon anally. If you’ve truly lost control of your bowels, there are several medical options, but tampon use isn’t one of them.

Jul 122005

My girlfriend saw some ass to mouth scene (ATM) in a porn movie and went crazy for it. Now she wants to do it. I am afraid that it might be unsafe for one or both of us. We’ve only been dating a short time and I have the feeling that the reason why she likes anal sex so much is that she actually likes shit. I also think she would like to felch herself since she often plays with the liquid spilling out of her anus and licks her fingers. I’m not sure I want to kiss her after she does it. Should I be concerned?

–Curious But Scared

First let me say that nearly every activity you describe in your letter, including anal penetration without a condom — which isn’t specifically stated but implied since you’re coming in her ass — puts both of you at risk for HIV, hepatitis, herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, and other sexually-transmitted diseases. You should both get tested or you should be using a condom and not swapping bodily fluids.

That said, let’s begin with your girlfriend’s ass to mouth fantasy. You’re smart to be concerned about the safety, since there are health concerns with going directly from someone’s ass to their mouth. There is bacteria and fecal matter in her ass that really shouldn’t go other places. The best way to do ATM safely is to pull your dick out of her ass, wipe it with a baby wipe, then stick it in her mouth.

It sounds like your girlfriend is into anal sex, and likes “nasty” stuff like anal creampies, playing with the cum in her ass, and even eating it. I wouldn’t jump to the conclusion that this means she likes shit. It sounds to me like she enjoys all things anal, and there’s a big different between that and being into scat (shit play). You said you don’t want to kiss her after she’s been shoving her ass-and-cum soaked fingers in her mouth. It sounds like maybe she’s also into a couple other butt fetishes: felching and snowballing. Felching is where a guy comes in someone’s ass, then sucks his come out of said ass. Snowballing is when the person who did the felching then “swaps” the cum with their partner through kissing and/or spitting. Safety-wise, both are risky for both partners: if she swallows your come, she can catch an STD from you, and if you get bacteria or fecal matter from her ass in your mouth, you can get an STD from her.

Beyond the safety issues, it seems that you may not enjoy the same things that she does, and that is an equally important issue. I encourage you to talk to her about your health concerns as well as your desires to see if there is some middle ground that the two of you can explore which you’ll both enjoy.

Oct 272004

I was just wondering if having anal sex while on your menstrual cycle is okay. If you do have sex during this time, how does it feel? Does it feel as good as it does any other time? I have been really horny this cycle and I was just wondering for next time.

–Red Alert

It’s absolutely safe for women to have anal sex while they have their periods. Usually, it’s more a matter of preference and comfort rather than safety. For some women, while they are menstruating, they have cramps, bloating, and other symptoms which don’t make them feel very turned on. Others, like you, can feel an increase in their sex drive and want to have more sex. As for how it feels, it really depends on the individual. Some women find that all their erogenous zones (including their asses) are more sensitive just before they bleed or during menstruation, while others don’t notice a significant change.

Sep 132004

For the last few months, my lover had been hankering to try anal sex. After reading your advice, buying lots of lube, and experimenting with a host of toys, we finally managed to get his gorgeous cock all the way in my bottom and fuck me — and I had a fantastic orgasm! Since he’d never had anal sex before, as you can imagine, he is now a very happy bunny and wants more! He currently has a fantasy about filling my bottom with lots of creamy liquid, and then fucking me like that.

We’ve seen stuff like this in porn movies, but I’m curious about how they do it and how we should do it. What liquid do we use and how much would be safe? I’ve been giving myself brief enemas before our anal play so I’m kind of used to stuff being there. I’m not sure how long it’d stay there and if there are any safety concerns I should be aware of. Any suggestions would be appreciated, and thanks for all the great advice you give people.

–Fucking a Fluid-Filled Bottom

Congrats on joining the anal bottom brigade, and thanks for sharing your fun fantasy with me and your fellow readers. In general, I am a purist about what people should put in their asses: I endorse only plain water, lube, ejaculate, fingers, cocks, tongues, and toys. I discourage exotic enema ingredients, ice cream sundae toppings, and other equally wacky substances.

But, in the case of your sweetheart’s idea, you’re in luck. He can fill your ass with lube! There are several great water-based lubes on the market – including Hydra Smooth, Sensual Power, and Liquid Silk — which have creamy consistencies. In fact, they have a look and feel that’s a lot like a man’s cum (which I think may be what your guy is going for). Plus, they are lubricants, designed for penetration, and therefore, totally safe! If he wants to really fill you up, you may want to buy a plastic disposable syringe (available at medical supply stores and some drug stores), which he can fill with lube, and “shoot” up your ass.

If he succeeds in filling your ass, remember, what goes in must come out. You may be a little runny for a day, as all that lube works its way out of your ass, so keep that in mind; I’d avoid, say, silk pants, for a few days.

Jul 142004

I bought a simple Fleet enema at the drugstore, and I have a few questions. Can I use it as is, or should I replace what’s in the bottle with water? Here’s why I am asking: I like to experience some good hard erotic cramping during enema play. My girlfriend and I often do enemas together, and we like to see which one of us can hold it the longest and who can handle the cramps without showing much discomfort. Is that safe? Because it’s awfully fun.

–Enema Edge Player

When I teach a basic class on enemas, I instruct people on two important points: the ingredients of an enema and the temperature. A Fleet enema (or most other brands you buy at the local drugstore) contains a laxative, and you do not need a laxative. You just need plain, warm water, which is why you should empty the contents of the store-bought enema bottle, rinse it out and refill it with warm water. If you’ve heard of more exotic enemas, with ingredients like champagne, espresso, wine, or other things, beware: these can make you very, very sick. So stick to plain water only.

I recommend that the water be warm so it’s as close to body temperature as possible; usually, the warmer the water, the more comfortable the enema. Most people will have little or no cramping when the temperature is right. Cold water causes discomfort and cramps that most people won’t like. I say most people because I do know enema fetishists who like to deliberately inflict discomfort and cramping on themselves or their partners.

Let me first say that this is considered “edge play” among enema fans, and inexperienced enema givers and receivers should not try this at home. I can tell that you’re a much more seasoned enema player, so I won’t admonish you for your sadomasochistic twist on this intimate form of play. One word of caution: don’t overdo the cold-water, cramp-inducing sessions. You can stress your gastrointestinal tract and disturb the delicate balance of your insides, which is never a good idea. As for you and your partner’s little game, it sounds like a great endurance contest for the BDSM Olympics! Again, a good rule of thumb for all this kind of play: everything in moderation.

May 202004

Is butt cheek fucking, or what is sometimes known as “hot dogging,” a common practice? I know tit fucking is quite common but I’ve never seen much talk of cheek fucking. Why do I never read about it in magazines or even see anything about it on the internet? Is it something that turns women off? Have you ever tried it? If so, did you get anything out of it? Let me know if you have come across it, and what your opinions are.

–Bun Lover

You’ve hit on something here, Bun Lover: there are plenty of erotic images of cocks sliding between breasts, but little or no comparable representations of hot dogging! I suspect that in this age of porn featuring a veritable menu of Olympic-like sexual acts (like double penetration and double anals), butt cheek fucking is probably seen as far too innocent. Certainly we’ve seen dicks slide between ass cheeks, but it’s usually a brief shot before penetration. As for the “turn on” factor you asked about, well, just like with every other desire, fantasy, and fetish, it totally depends on the person. I actually do enjoy it, but I may be more anally-inclined than the average girl. Sometimes, I like butt cheek fucking as a tease; other times, if I am craving anal pleasure but my ass isn’t in the mood for penetration, butt cheek fucking along with some good dirty talk can totally get me off.

Feb 242004

My girlfriend has a severe anal sex fetish. She prefers it over vaginal intercourse. Fortunately, I don’t mind it one bit. We’ve done some ass-to-mouth stuff, since we are monogamous and STD-free. I’d like to experiment eating food out of her anus — either food shoved partially into the anus or food that has been completely inserted and then pushed out. I’m wondering what food products would be safe for this, since I don’t want anything to get stuck up there. So I’m looking for something that would be semi-rigid, but would also melt or dissolve if it got lost. I was thinking about things like M&Ms (the non-peanut variety) and other chocolate things, but I can only stomach so much chocolate.

–Butt Buffet Boy

Usually I advise people against sticking food in their ass, since food items are not sex toys and are better left in the kitchen. But you seem pretty invested in this food fantasy, so I’ll suspend my anti-food stance for this response. But before I go there, I just have to say that what you describe is an interesting twist on one of the most taboo desires in the world: scat play. Scat play involves people defecating into other people’s mouths, eating shit, and generally eroticizing it. It sounds to me that you like the idea of stuff coming out of your girlfriend’s ass, even stuff that resembles what typically comes out of our asses (you suggested chocolate, not me), but you want it to be previously undigested.

As long as you take care to insert your chosen edibles just inside the anus and not too far up, there’s no great danger of soft or small foods getting lost. What goes in will inevitably come out. You should avoid foods like jalapeno peppers, seeded breadsticks, and others that are spicy, abrasive, or could break into sharp-edged pieces, which could all irritate the delicate rectal tissue. Also stay away from salami or sausages, since nitrites used for preserving meat aren’t good for you. I’m glad to hear that you’ve both been tested for STDs, but it’s probably still a good idea if your girlfriend has an enema a few hours before your feast, since her ass contains bacteria that may be fine in the lower intestine, but may cause problems if you ingest it.

Feb 102004

Have you heard of figging? Do you think it’s safe to do? My submissive and I are headed to a party next week where figging is to be the central theme. Any information you could provide would be very useful.

–Liar, Liar, Ass on Fire?

For readers who may not know what it is, let me begin with a definition. Rumored to have been practiced as early as the Victorian era (they were so kinky!), figging involves sticking a ginger root up someone’s (or your own) ass, and most people I know do it in the context of a BDSM scene. The idea is that the ginger illicits an intense, long-lasting burning sensation in the sensitive, delicate tissue of the rectum. I’ve heard of some Dominants who insert the root into a submissive’s ass before a spanking, paddling, or caning. The longer the root is inside the butt, and the more blood that rushes to the area, the stronger the burning. Plus, any kind of movement — including clenching the sphincter muscle s– increases the fiery feeling.

This is not an activity for anal play novices or people with extra-sensitive behinds. I consider it an internal form of genitorture; if your bottom enjoys sensation play like ice cubes or metholated sports creams on her pussy lips or her anus, figging takes this “torture” one step further. Plus, you should not use creams like Ben Gay or Icy Hot inside the pussy or ass. While some bottoms say that figging feels warm and tingly like the creams, most report that the sensation is ten times more intense.

There are a few safety tips that go along with this practice. You should begin with a fresh, whole ginger piece (also called a hand), and peel off the brown rough skin before slicing a “finger” to use for penetration. Because it obviously does not have a flared base (and therefore could get lost in the ass), select the largest piece you can find, and either carve out your own shape with a base or attach a string to it in order to make it easy to retrieve. After handling a peeled root, you shouldn’t touch your eyes or your slave’s eyes. Some figging fans say that lube can seal in the moisture and prevent it from releasing, thereby defeating the purpose, but you know my stance on lube: you need it! Other than those precautions, as with all perverted activities, use your common sense.